What’s the truth about recycling in Asheville?

ASHEVILLE – Today’s burning question explores how to recycle your plastics in Asheville and if some are fated for the garbage can! Got a question for Answer Man or Answer Woman? Email Interim Executive Editor Karen Chávez at KChavez@citizentimes.com and your question could appear in an upcoming column.

Question: I read recently that it’s expensive to sort out the plastic that isn’t actually recycled, so better to put those items in the regular garbage and landfill. What’s the truth about that here in Asheville? How much plastic (up to what number in the little triangle) is actually recycled, and would the sanitation department prefer that we put the higher digit stuff in garbage cans?

Answer: If you peruse your kitchen for plastic items, flipping them over to check the bottom, you’re likely to find a little raised insignia — a number within the triangular recycling symbol, which indicates what kind of plastic the material is made of. Numbers range from 1-7. It’s so commonplace, it’s easy to miss.

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