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PERFORMANCE | Throughout much of Netflix’s heist drama, Ray de Esposito, aka “Leo,” was an unstoppable force, a man driven by a quest for revenge against the person who stole so much from him.

But in “Pink,” one of the two epilogues to the heist, Esposito gave us a Ray who had retired with Ava to enjoy some peace in Ohio, yes, but who had also been slowed down by his Parkinson’s disease. He fought through PT in a pool. He fell hard when he suffered a seizure at home. “I want Ray,” Ava told her lover as she calmed him down and pitched her next big thing. But the limping mastermind wailed in response: “Ray is long gone.”

Lightning made However, he does have some gas left in the tank, as evidenced when Bob and his goons stormed the Ohio hideout and demanded the 411 on Stan. Here, Esposito showed us that Ray’s mind was still very sharp in places, calling not Stan but, as we later learned, the feds, to set Bob up for a big fall.

But it was two of Esposito’s final scenes – FaceTiming daughter Hannah (Tati Gabrielle), and then visiting an imprisoned Graham Davies aka “Roger Salas” (Rufus Sewell) – that capped off his worthy exit from POTW.

“I wanted to see you, to let you know that I was still out here, that I was still going,” Ray informed Hannah, hiding his symptoms. “And also, the things I should have said, the decisions I made… I did a lot of things wrong,” she admitted, “but all of them, hopefully, with you, I did not do it.” When Hannah introduced her newborn daughter to “grandpa,” the look on Esposito’s face told us that no matter what life threw at Ray, this was a man whose heart was full.

Then, when Ray came face to face with Graham, whose impenetrable vault contents he helped vanish? you would think there would be so Lots to say But Ray only had a few words. Mainly, about her late wife, whom Graham possibly left to die all those years ago: “Could you have saved her that night?” Esposito’s voice stamp made it clear that no payday could have erased that loss.

Ginny and georgia season 2HONORABLE MENTION | ginny and georgia featured stars Antonia Gentry Y brianne howey with a long-awaited confrontation in the sixth episode of season 2 and, in turn, brought both actresses to new emotional depths. When Georgia discovered that Ginny was self-harming and witnessed the physical evidence of Ginny’s child, Howey elicited an impressive range of feelings in Georgia’s reaction: shock, grief, confusion, sadness, anger, horror, guilt. Whatever, Georgia felt it as she struggled to come to terms with the idea that her “special miracle baby” hurt herself. Meanwhile, Gentry leaned into Ginny’s anguish over her own actions as she collapsed in Georgia’s arms. Through all the heartbreak, there was also an undercurrent of relief in the actresses’ performances that now the truth was finally out, allowing mom and daughter to come together. Gentry and Howey made the overdue moment cathartic not only for their characters, but for the viewers as well.

helen-mirren-1923-season-1-performanceHONORABLE MENTION | It is no surprise to anyone that Helen Mirren she’s a queen of her craft (as well as, you know, The Queen). Still this week 1923 it was a beautifully rendered reminder of her versatility as an actress. As Cara feared her wounded husband would succumb to his injuries, Mirren showed us the Dutton matriarch at her lowest, physically throwing herself to the ground and sobbing from Cara’s raw fear, as well as her grievance over the loss of her nephew John. . But Mirren also gave us Cara at her most brash, squaring the characters’ shoulders with steely intensity as she marched to the Cattle Association meeting and announced that things were going to work out. his way from now on. What a multifaceted force! And what a treat to see!

michael shannon george & tammyHONORABLE MENTION | George Jones experienced a kaleidoscope of emotions throughout george and tammybut it wasn’t until the country superstar was sober that michael shanon he was able to deliver his best work. In the finale, we once again saw the many layers of the complicated man, as his continued drunkenness nearly prevented him from filming. When George/Shannon finally recorded the song “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” the actor evoked a sadness that felt like a punch to the stomach, with sunken facial expressions and an unwavering trembling. He promised Tammy that he would “make it right,” and he did when the pair embarked on one final tour together years later. Backstage, Shannon exuded a vivacious charm that she could always make George’s ex-lover laugh. But after failing to convince her to run away with him once more, her eyes told a different story. The story of an old man who accepts the one he ran away from.

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