For a decade, I championed my choice to own a android to countless haters. But at last, I have changed my beloved Samsung Galaxy S10Plus for iPhone 14 Pro. And so far, I have no regrets. (Especially now that I’m no longer bothered about having green texts — more on that later.)

It may sound like I’m being overly dramatic, but that trip to the Verizon store was a game changer for me. I’ve always prided myself on not buying into the Apple hype. Despite years of pestering from friends to switch to an iPhoneI declined, maintaining that I liked being different from the masses. Everyone around me has an iPhone. It felt good to challenge the norm. And so for years, I stuck with my Samsung Galaxy devices, which I still think are amazing phones.

But after conversations with friends and family about what I was able to get from the iPhone that I could never get with my Android, I began to reconsider my position. Yes, I loved my Galaxy S10 Plus and everything it offered: a top-notch camera, a customizable interface, and object eraserwhich removes any unwanted person or object from your images (Pixel phones have a similar feature). But at the end of the day, there was one great thing my Android could never offer: a seamless way to communicate with all my friends on iPhone.

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I’ve been told countless times that I screw up group chats by turning all text “green.” This is because Apple refuses to make iMessage compatible with Android phones, so when you send a message to someone who isn’t on iOS, you’ll see green text bubbles instead of the standard blue ones. Because this felt like a superficial complaint, and it’s 100% Apple’s fault, I scrapped it.

Until I realized that I was missing out on other, more significant benefits of having an iPhone.

Unless you’re using a third-party app like WhatsApp, there’s no easy way to send high-resolution photos and videos directly between an Android phone and an iPhone. I was fine just using WhatsApp… until I started to envy my friends who instantly air drop photos and videos after our hangouts. WhatsApp also lowers the quality of videos, and Google Drive takes much longer to load videos.

It was also frustrating that apps like TikTok would decrease my camera quality on Android. Comparing TikTok videos taken on an iPhone, even an older version like the iPhone X, to those taken on my Galaxy S10 Plus is like night and day. On my Galaxy, TikTok distorted colors and blurred everything in the most unflattering and unrealistic way. On the iPhone, videos are crisp and clear and look the way they should. For someone who uses TikTok as much as I do, this was important.

These reasons, along with the fact that I already use a MacBook and would therefore benefit from the apple ecosystem, led me to start changing my mind about having an iPhone. Includes features like new always on display on iPhone 14 Pro models, something I loved on my Galaxy devices, and fun new things like dynamic islandand suddenly I was convinced to change.

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Yes, I had to fight the feelings of being a sellout. But I realized that ultimately it’s just a phone. And no matter what you do, people will have unsolicited opinions about what device you’re using. My Galaxy worked fine for me for many years. Now he was ready for something new. And so far, I have no regrets.

Watch the video above for more of my thoughts on switching from an Android phone to an iPhone.

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