Anime fans can explore some of the most curious and wonderful fictional planets in anime while enjoying the epic stories of the anime. best science fiction anime spectacles and charming fantasy stories. The anime world is filled with magical lands and unique planets inspired by Earth or other real planets in the universe.

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However, thanks to clever and iconic anime space operas and lovers of action-adventure tale anime can also get the chance to explore never-before-seen and truly out-of-this-world planets with wacky alien species and stunning designs. While some of these exciting fictional anime planets have a dark and dangerous world, there are also plenty of vibrant and exciting planets with welcoming and hilarious residents as well as powerful warriors.


7 Planet SVM-Z – Luluco Space Patrol

Luluco in Space Patrol Luluco

Luluco Space Patrol is one of best studio trigger anime series with a funny story about a young teenager Luluco, who was forced to take her father’s place in the Space Patrol police force. While this hilarious comedy anime might not be the best known, it certainly featured some of the most iconic anime planets.

During her adventures, fans of the anime not only learn about the Ogikubo space colony where Luluco hails from, but follow her as she visits various planets during her investigations. One of Luluco Space Patrol‘s most interesting planets is Planet SVM-Z, which is destroyed by violence. However, Luluco also visits other fun anime planets created by Studio Trigger, including kill kill Y little witch academy.

6 Planet Gamilon – Yamato Space Battleship

Yamato spaceship in Space Battleship Yamato

Yamato space battleship its a classic anime set in the 22nd century. It takes fans on an epic space adventure and introduces them to some of anime’s most iconic fictional planets. The planet Gamilon is one of the most mysterious in the series and is the home planet of the Gamilon race, which attacked Earth with bombs and covered it with radioactive contamination.

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Although Gamilons are similar to humans in many ways, they cannot breathe in oxygen-filled atmospheres. So although Planet Gamilon was in many ways similar to Earth, it had high levels of radiation in its atmosphere. Anime fans got the chance to explore this iconic fictional planet as they followed the epic journey of the spaceship Yamato and its brave crew to the planet Iscandar.

5 Planet Gunsmoke – Trigun

Vash in Trigun

trigun‘s Planet Gunsmoke, also known as No Man’s Land, is one of the most iconic anime fictional desert planets of all time. Since most of the events of this iconic 90s anime take place on this dystopian yet beautifully crafted planet, fans get a chance to get acquainted with its unique world in great detail.

The story follows the adventures of a gunslinger named Vash, the most infamous outlaw on the planet with a multi-billion dollar bounty on his head. Fans were able to meet some of the great characters of trigunas he watches Vash outwit the dozens of bounty hunters who are after him. The remake of him, titled Trigun’s StampedeIt will be released in 2023 and, similar to the original story, it will be about Vash’s adventures on the planet Gunsmoke.

4 Planet Tenrei – Outlaw Star

Gene in Outlaw Star

outlaw starTenrei’s idyllic planet is one of the most beautiful fictional planets in anime that was discovered by three magicians. When one of the magicians named Urt realized that the hot springs on the planet Tenrei could attract tourists, they quickly made it one of the most popular tourist planets.

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outlaw star it is one of the funniest cult classic shonen anime series about Gene and his crew who travel throughout the Universe in search of the legendary space treasure called the Galactic Leyline. During their adventures, the Outlaw team not only visits the planet Tenrei, but also other fun fictional anime planets, including Ctarl-Ctarl.

3 Planet Betelgeusedandy space

Dandy in space Dandy

dandy space is one of the best anime of shinichiro watanabe shows about the hilarious misadventures of Dandy and his crew across the universe as they visit many interesting fictional planets. They see many unique planets, including the gigantic Planet Betelgeuse, which is the homeworld of Meow and all the Betelgeusians, a feline alien race.

This iconic fictional planet has more than 65 billion inhabitants, and they are the largest consumers of dried fish flakes. The atmosphere of the planet Betelgeuse is similar to that of Earth and most of its atmosphere is covered in water. Although it is a fictional planet, it was based on Japanese cities and even has a market called Jal-Mart that was based on a real life chain.

2 Altea – Voltron Legendary Defender

Altea in Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron Legendary DefenderThe planet of Altea was one of the most beautiful fictional planets in the anime. This iconic planet was ruled by King Alfor and Princess Allura and was home to the scientifically advanced Altean race. Although the Alteans are human-like aliens, their planet was different from Earth in many ways.

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The planet Altea had awesome technology and instead of rain they had boiling rocks falling from the sky. Unfortunately, this iconic planet was destroyed by Zarkon, who also killed most of the Alteans in the process. Voltron Legendary DefenderThe story follows the perilous adventures of Voltron’s paladins trying to defeat the infamous Emperor Zarkon.

one Planet Vegeta – Dragon Ball

Vegeta Palace in Dragon Ball

Although Goku and his friends visited many planets during their adventures, none became as iconic as Planet Vegeta. Goku’s home planet is Dragon Ball the most beautiful and well-known of the franchise that quickly became one of the most iconic fictional planets in anime.

Planet Vegeta was not only the home of Goku, but also Vegeta and the Saiyan warrior race who moved there after their home planet of Sadala was destroyed. This iconic planet had many names and was even destroyed and eventually restored by Baby Vegeta. Tea Dragon Ball The franchise had many beautifully crafted fictional planets that gave home to some of the most memorable and beloved anime alien species of all time.

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