Inflation has been a constant concern since pretty much the moment life returned to some semblance of normalcy before the pandemic.

And it’s sparked a lot of debate, too, from those who think it’s a normal economic force to those who blame corporate price gouging, to even those who say they haven’t noticed much change at all.

But if the latest video from a TikToker is to be believed, that debate may end.

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Your Walmart groceries cost 50% less two years ago.

Creator @amywaytosave, whose content focuses on money-saving tips, did an experiment, going to Walmart and buying the same groceries three times in two years to see if prices change.

What he found is a pretty shocking indictment of what’s going on in our economy when it comes to inflation and grocery prices.

Amy found that the same foods from 2020 cost 50% more in 2023, even at discount retailer Walmart.

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