WASHINGTON — In June, the Golden State Warriors became the second team in NBA history to win a title on the hardwood floor of the TD Garden.

Now, seven months later, the Warriors are one day away from returning to Boston from that day.

“It was such a beautiful thing”, dramond green he told ESPN. “It’s not something they haven’t experienced before. So I think it’s great that they experienced it with us. With Steph Curry doing what Steph Curry does and the guy they call the N-word. It was beautiful.”

In a podcast in November, Green said he was repeatedly called racist names during the three games played in Boston during that series against the Celtics. And for the first time in his career, even though he generally thrives on trash talk, Green admitted that the atmosphere at TD Garden was hard to lock down.

He scored just two points each in Games 3 and 4, scoring minus-13 and zero in those games, respectively.

“Usually there are situations where people say crazy things, but not in the whole arena,” Green told ESPN. “You’re going to have a situation where the whole stadium is booing you, but not what the Boston fans were doing. So, it was a different situation than I’ve ever seen. It took me a while to adjust to it…it was so unexpected. It caught me off guard.”

Green said that for the entire 48 minutes of the game, which actually lasts about three hours, chants of “f–k Draymond” and names like “b—h” and the N-word rained down on him.

It took Green a few days to understand what kind of environment he would have to sit in to finish the series and do it well.

“As long as you know what to expect, you can plan for it. I’ve been here 11 years, so I thought I’d seen it all. But that, I’ve never seen that before,” Green told ESPN. “I guess with this, there was no real way to prepare for it. Except to mentally know what you’re getting yourself into. When that happens, I can tune out. But that first time I couldn’t tune out.”

Green has always thrived in harsh environments. Take for example the Warriors game against the Washington Wizards on Monday night.

Throughout the second half, Green had a continual back and forth with two fans sitting in a row behind the scorer’s table at Capital One Arena.

According to Green, fans told him, “You think you’re a Hall of Famer? You better never hear yourself say that again.”

But instead of irritating Green in a way that resulted in him receiving a technical foul (he’s two technicals away from a one-game suspension) or having the two fans removed, Green said it was this interaction that prompted the delay of the Warriors. -Game surge to win the game.

“I had nothing,” Green said. “I had nothing going. I couldn’t find it. I wasn’t about to find it. But shout out to them. Two of them. They got me going.”

There’s an appreciation for those kinds of harmless jokes. However, earlier this season, Green said a fan in Dallas continually insulted him, resulting in Green telling the fan to “sit down, shut up and watch the damn game,” and was subsequently fined $25,000. . In December, Green had a fan escorted out of a Warriors game against the Milwaukee Bucks after a fan allegedly threatened Green.

An additional component that Green has dealt with this season is the aftermath and comments about his altercation with jordan poole during training camp.

Since Green punched Poole, Green had heard comments yelled at him from the stands “all the time”. But to his ears, that’s just more jokes. It’s easy for him to tune out on his own.

“If someone brings that up, I’m more worried about Jordan than myself,” Green told ESPN. “I’m always hyper alert because I want to see that build up in Jordan’s head. What actions do I take at that point to make sure he doesn’t affect him mentally?”

Green hopes to hear about it in Boston. For him, there is no subject that Celtics fans would consider off limits.

But this time, he’s ready for it. And he dares to say, a little excited.

“I’ll greet them with a nice smile,” Green told ESPN. “Just like I did after we won the championship.”

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