You can’t play one of the best Dead Space games in 2023


A person in a spacesuit holds a large futuristic weapon near some brown lockers.

dead space mobile (2011)
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The recently launched dead space Redo it’s a triumph among video game remakes, many of which haven’t been very well received by fans in recent years. And like a massive dead space fan, so happy to see EA spending money on the franchise again, with great results. But I can’t stop thinking about a dead space game that EA has buried and most have forgotten about. that game is dead space mobilea fantastic pocket horror game in desperate need of a second chance.

Let’s travel back in time. It’s 2011, a few years from the original. dead space2008 release. dead space 2 is coming out and with it another entry in the franchise. But this game will not be released on consoles or PC. Instead, the confusing name dead space (often referred to online as dead space mobile) comes to iOS and Android devices. At that moment I asked myself: How good could a dead space mobile game actually be? Then I played it and found that it wasn’t just a good mobile game, it was a great indie horror game!

Set before the events of dead space 2, dead space mobile tells the story of Vandal, a new recruit to the terrifying space cult seen throughout the franchise. Vandal is sent to the Titan station, the setting of the sequel., and inadvertently unleashes the Necromorph invasion on the space base that Issac has to deal with later in the console game. The rest of dead space Motive involves Vandal trying to fix this massive problem, get evidence against the cult, and help the people aboard the station escape. I won’t spoil its twists and turns, but it’s an interesting and tense horror adventure that will take most players two to four hours to complete.

EA/Longplay Express

what it really does dead space mobile so great is that the developers behind the game designed it from the ground up to be a mobile game. For example, to grab or interact with the world, just touch the thing or switch with your finger. No virtual buttons are needed. By loving the iconic dead space plasma cutter, slightly tilt your phone to flip the laser from horizontal to vertical. It sounds finicky, but in practice, it works well even in some of the later areas that throw a bunch of nasty mobs at you.

Not only does it work well, but it feels very different from today’s big mobile games, which are often covered in virtual buttons and joysticks and feel as if they were created with a controller or keyboard in mind and then ported over to a phone. dead space instead, mobile feels perfectly at home on your little phone or tablet.

if you play dead space mobile With your headphones on in a dark room, you can quickly forget that you are playing a small mobile link and get sucked into the dark corridors and creepy atmosphere of the game. Very few phone games have scared me and dead space mobile is on that list. Even with its slightly chunky graphics and limited lighting, this mobile interpretation of dead space it was still a taut little masterpiece that worked with its limitations and didn’t fight against them.

Sadly, this is the part of the story where I have to explain that Dead Space mobile is currently not available on either iOS or Android. In 2015, EA removed the game from digital stores and became unplayable on newer devices over the years.

Now, if you own an Android device and know what an APK file is and where to look, you can technically still enjoy dead space mobile in 2023 thanks to crafty and dedicated fans. But if you don’t, you’re out of luck, and it’s a shame EA left such a gem of a horror game for dead.

A man in a space suit walks down a space station corridor that is covered in blood.

dead space mobile (2011)
screenshot: USA

Yet maybe there is still hope for dead space mobile. I can confirm that the game runs fine on modern phones with some fan-made mods. So it seems possible that EA could spend some money and relaunch dead space mobile on newer phones. But even better than that – EA should take the time to release dead space mobile via consoles and PC, too. Sure, it may need some tweaking and some very low-res assets need to be changed, but it would be worth it. It would bring the game to more people and ensure Dead Space mobile isn’t left behind again as fans can more easily mod and update a PC version for years to come. and while i think dead space mobile feels perfect on a phone, i think it would still be great on a controller. Or even the Nintendo Switch!

With dead spaceThe remake is doing so well, it seems likely that a dead space 2 a remake could follow and the mobile game fills in some major holes in the series timeline, so a relaunch seems even more need now more than ever.

Sadly, with the recent news from EA killing mobile gamesit seems unlikely that the publisher would fund even a small-scale remaster of dead space mobile anytime soon. But if it does happen, I’ll be there, ready to spend the money to buy and play this fantastic horror game one more time.

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